ARiSE: The Right(s) School

The project called "ARiSE: The Right(s) School" is an international initiative under the ERASMUS+ program that aims to promote human rights education in schools. Its main objective is to equip primary and secondary school teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure that children's rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled. The project seeks to address the challenges faced by educational systems in relation to children's rights and provide interactive instructional materials to help teachers understand, defend, and promote children's rights both inside and outside the classroom. The project also aims to enhance collaboration among teachers through modern online environments and cutting-edge digital technologies. Ultimately, the project aims to benefit vulnerable populations, such as immigrants and refugees, by promoting the respect of their rights and making it easier for them to integrate into school and daily life.
  • Creating new and innovative learning resources, including face-to-face training modules, e-learning packages, and online knowledge-sharing tools, to help teachers and head teachers learn about children’s rights.
  • Developing methods and online tools to improve collaboration, communication, and the sharing of best practices for promoting children’s rights in schools.
  • Ensuring that good practices are sustainable and transferable by creating manuals for integrating children’s rights into national educational systems that take into account each system’s framework.
  • Supporting the development of a Rights-based School policy that will enhance cooperation and capacity building among stakeholders. Additionally, the project will test awareness- raising activities in local contexts.
  • The ARISE Interactive Training Curriculum: which will create a learning program using innovative approaches for practitioners who support basic literacy learners.
  • The ARISE Online Platform which will provide a common space, tools, and resources for target groups and stakeholders to gain knowledge and practical experience related to issues regarding Human Rights Education.
  • The ARISE Interactive Guidebook which will be a comprehensive resource aimed at building the professional capacity of practitioners in the field of school education. It will address the needs and gaps identified in consultations with ARISE’s partners and help practitioners and stakeholders fulfil their expectations.