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Spreading knowledge and expanding horizons is what Centre 8 Education was built for. We constantly expand our training programs to include specialized trainings that will provide the seeds for a brighter future for our students.

Seminars for Financial Industry Professionals

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CySEC AML Certification Examination Preparation Course

Financial industry professionals wishing to enter the demanding field of anti-money laundering compliance and make a career as AML Compliance Officer must first pass the CySEC AML Certification Examination. Individuals participating in the seminar will gain an in-depth understanding of the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law, CySEC Directives and European guidelines providing them with the knowledge to undertake the exam. Register to our seminar to obtain practical knowledge of the legal framework application, practise with mock-up exams and equip yourselves participants with the key tools for a successful career as AML Compliance Officers.

Risk Management and Stress Testing for Investment Firms

Managing risk is one of the core operations leading an Investment Firm to the path of success. Risk Managers need to be familiar with a variety of metric formulas, valuation techniques and mechanisms, limit calculations, and applicable laws and regulations to be able to perform diligently and proactively manage risk exposures. Participants in the seminar will gain knowledge on risk assessment metrics, liquidity stress testing, investment analysis legislation, risk monitoring and mitigation techniques. Register to our seminar to find out more.

IFR & IFD: How to implement the new regulatory technical standards

Learn how to apply the new prudential framework for Investment Firms (IFR/IFD) to your operations ensuring your license compliance. IFR/IFD requirements are calibrated in a manner proportionate to the type of investment firm, its size, its clients, the market in which it operates and interconnectedness with other financial and economic actors. Register to our seminar to find out how to understand the key provisions of the new Investment Firms Regulation (IFR) and Investment Firms Directive (IFD), how to identify your class category, learn the capital requirement implications, implement the new reporting requirements, acquire tools and techniques for data capturing and analysis, calculate the k-factors understanding the calculation and how to apply them to your operations, and update your policies and procedures to ensure your firm’s compliance with the new framework.

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