ARiSE: Empowering Educators for Children's Rights in the Classroom


Centre Eight Education and Research Organisation is proud to partner with this project, which aims to bring Human Rights Education (HRE) to schools and improve teacher competences with valuable educational tools.

Upcoming Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT) Activity

ARiSE: The Right(s) School project is proud to announce its upcoming Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT) activity, scheduled to take place from May 23rd to 25th, 2023 in Nicosia, Cyprus. This highly anticipated event marks a significant milestone in the project's journey towards revolutionizing education and empowering teachers in championing children's rights.

Objective of the LTT Activity

The objective of the LTT activity is to test and fine-tune the ARiSE Interactive Training Curriculum, designed to equip primary and secondary school teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to create inclusive and rights-based learning environments. Participants, including teachers, experts, and members of the target group, will engage directly with the curriculum, providing valuable insights and feedback to ensure its effectiveness in real-world educational settings.

Developing Skills for Implementing the Curriculum

During the event, educators will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for implementing the ARiSE Interactive Training Curriculum in schools. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions, teachers will learn to adapt the curriculum to the unique characteristics and needs of their students. This hands-on experience aims to empower educators with practical knowledge, enabling them to effectively integrate children's rights education into their teaching practices.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

The LTT activity will also serve as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants. It will bring together educators, experts, and stakeholders, fostering a vibrant community of practice where teachers can learn from one another, share success stories, and collectively contribute to the advancement of children's rights in education. This collaborative approach strengthens the commitment of organizations involved in the project, ensuring the ARiSE products align with the specific characteristics of school environments.

Showcasing the Online Platform

Additionally, the LTT activity will showcase the currently developed Online Platform, a dynamic hub that bridges teachers and professionals in the field of children's rights education. This platform invites participants to provide feedback and input, enabling them to actively contribute to the design and development of ARiSE. The collaborative nature of the platform ensures that the project aligns closely with the needs and expectations of the target audience, maximizing its overall impact.

Commitment to Revolutionizing Education

ARiSE: The Right(s) School project is committed to revolutionizing education and empowering teachers in creating inclusive and rights-based learning environments. By equipping educators with the necessary knowledge and skills, ARiSE aims to pave the way for a brighter future where every child’s rights are respected and upheld.

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About ARiSE: The Right(s) School Project

ARiSE: The Right(s) School project is an innovative initiative aimed at empowering primary and secondary school teachers to create inclusive and rights-based learning environments. By enhancing teachers' understanding of children's rights and providing them with effective tools and methodologies, ARiSE aims to revolutionize education and ensure every child's rights are respected and upheld. Through interactive training, digital resources, and collaborative platforms, ARiSE seeks to empower educators in championing children's rights and creating a transformative impact in education.